Exclude folder that generates png for graphs from cache


hi i am new to cloudflare i have made all changes in my domain and all is cached ok .
I have one issue i use a component in my site that generates images from graphs in an folder
my problem is that the browsers dont fetch a png when i regenerate it with new data …
In my server folder
the image is saved and updated but the browsers keep showing the cached image.
If i go to cloudflare and press Purge cache then browsers get the new image too.
The folder is located at https://www.domain/images/graphs
the images are*.png
how can i create a page rule to exclude cache for this folder and its images?
can someone give me a page rule example on how to do it?
or to do it via .htaccess? Regards Zisopoulos


A match for /images/graphs/*.png with a cache bypass action should do the trick.


Τhank you Sandro for the quick respond! It worked! Case closed.

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