Exclude early hints on certain host names via page rules

I enabled Early Hints (beta) but now I’m seeing tons of challenges (see below) - which appear to be due to early hints. How do I exclude certain host names and patterns via page rules or otherwise from providing early hints?

Amit from Tallyfy

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in conclusion, Currently, I think that there is no way to disable Early Hints on a particular page.

Also, 103 Early Hints is a beta version.
There is no formally supported browser.

Many people can not receive Early Hints in the first place.

Currently, users can not benefit, so it does not have to be enabled in the first place.

I have reported in another thread, but now
· “Sometimes” 103 has not been sent.(?)
· Supported only in beta version browser.
· When using 103, Can not use GT METRIX and Google Page Speed Insights.

Therefore, the choices I recommend are "Disable until the official version is released ".

Thank you.

The another thread

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