Exclude Checkout, Cart, etc from caching

Hi this is my first time using Cloudflare. I am used to just adding the pages to exclude from caching to a field that says something like “Exclude from caching” I don’t know what all these additional fields are on the rules I am creating for same. Once I put https://www.site.com/cart* then I select Cache Level (?) and then what level do I want? Its not obvious to me.

The options are Bypass, No Query String, Ignore Query String, Standard or Cache Everything.

Or maybe I am in the wrong place on the site altogether?

Cloudflare doesn’t cache pages in its default configuration, so that shouldn’t be an issue…unless you’ve explicitly told Cloudflare to Cache Everything in a Page Rule, which generally doesn’t end too well.

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Okay thanks, I have been having a caching issue on my checkout page. Customer purchases a product, completes checkout, goes out and adds a new product, previous purchase is back in checkout. I use Nitropack.io and Cloudflare. Until recently used SG Optimizer. Added /checkout* /cart* and /my-account* to all and still an issue. So I was thinking to add it here also just in case. My theme developer told me it was a caching issue, I don’t know what else could be caching.

Similar to this issue I found, I mean something has to be caching the /cart and /checkout pages I think and I disabled Nitropack this evening to see if it was that. Checkout/cart being cached | WordPress.org

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