Exclude CDN feature

I want to exclude the CDN feature for the wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/matomo.php.
How can I do that from Cloudflare’s end? how to exclude a specific URL to prevent caching?


Unless you explicitly instructed Cloudflare to cache, that path will never be cached by Cloudflare anyhow.

Didn’t get you? please me how can I do that?

Didn’t get you? please tell me how can I do that?

Do what? Cloudflare does not cache that URL in the first place, so there is nothing to do.

What’s the URL?

I believe I said that three times now :wink:


Nothing cached here


Hello, How can I delete this post? actually I don’t want to reveal my website address publicly. that’s why I want to delete it. please help me I am unable to delete the thread!

You can’t remove it, however I removed the picture. You can also edit your post.