Exclude all video files from being cached by Cloudflare


To avoid TOS violation, I would like to exclude all the .mp4 files playable on my website from being cache by Cloudflare.
This is a video sharing website and all the content is hosted on my servers.

Basically, all the video files are stored in https://www.example.com/media/videos/

How can I do that properly?


To avoid TOS violation you need to serve the video files through a separate hostname that is :grey:. Caching is not the issue, using the proxy is.

Alternatively, you could use Cloudflare Stream, or have a separate commercial agreement from Cloudflare which is arranged through your account manager.

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Hi Michael,
Thanks for your reply.

Is subdomain ok?

Provided it is :grey:, it should be fine.

Hi… I am really stucked here. I have created a sub domain that links to the directory where the videos is. did not work. I used a new domain name, linking to my html docs just the same way the old domain does. I added to cloudflare dns but still did not work. My videos are not playing and I don’t know what to do. Please I need your help.

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