Exchange MX records being readded after switching to Google Workspace MX

I run a domain that uses Cloudflare and in order to migrate properly from Exchange 2013 (managed) to 2022 Google Workspace we had to add the new MX records to the DNS and delete the old records. However, the old DNS records keep returning even after we have deleted them several times. The new records go away and are replaced by the old records. Am I missing anything? Please advise.

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You can review your audit logs to see what or who is making the changes.

Oh i did… apparently I am the one who is adding them in the audit logs… but I’m not… which is why its weird… i have 2FA on and no one has logged in who shouldn’t be… There are other entries besides the readding of the exchange record along with it that I’m not familiar with.

Have you shared your credentials with a third-party service? Ezoic is a popular platform that can present symptoms like those you describe.

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I think you may have identified the issue. I’m going to test removal of ezoic.

You don’t have to remove Ezoic. You just have to manage your DNS in their dashboard. It becomes the authoritative source and will push its data into your Cloudflare account. Make your changes in your Ezoic account instead of your Cloudflare account and it won’t be reverted.

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