Exchange 2019 NTLM

We are trying to set up mapihttp with exchange 2019, we have cloudflare sitting in front of it. I know cloudflare does not support NTLM but what has everyone done to get this to work not on the network.

I have looked at using modern authentication but not sure if we are wanting to go that route.

Just looking to see if anyone has gotten this to work through cloudflare and if so how?

It know it’s only been a couple of hours, but there are no responses, and nothing in Search.

I’m not quite sure where Cloudflare is supposed to fit in with this. Are you trying to proxy “old school” authentication through Cloudflare for off-premise users?

This is just outlook off the network I know I read that cloudflare does not support NTLM, but this is using basic authentication. It’s mappioverhttp with exchange 2019. We are getting a 401 loop with authentication. I’m just reaching, I have Microsoft Exchange 2019 then in front of that we have the kemp load balancer which we have a public IP cloudflare that’s NAT’D to that public IP.

That’s beyond my small world’s horizons. Sometimes @cs-cf drops in when he sees Microsoft issues. Maybe he’ll see this and have something to say.

Appreciate this, I was able to get it to work removing it from cloudflare. We don’t want to keep it like that. Looks like it would need to be able to hit the actually server, when using spectrum does it give you that ability? Very new to cloudflare so if this is known I am sorry.

Spectrum allows just about any TCP/UCP traffic through on custom ports. But that’d require an Enterprise plan for a ton of money.

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