Excessive redirection by my.domain.com.br


I’m having issues while trying to access my LANDING PAGE that was created at “MAILER LITE”.

As you can see in this first print, it asks to insert the CNAME at the DNS here at cloudflare, and i did it.

It was inserted correctly to my cloudflare DNS register (can’t show because of “new user” but it’s there with the name “lp.imedlife.com.br” and the value as “landing.subscribepage.com”.

But when i try to enter lp.imedlife.com.br it show this error:
“This page is not working
Excessive redirection by lp.imedlife.com.br
Try to clear your cookies

I already cleaned my cookies.

Can someone help?

It’s a 308 redirect, which is strange. If you click on the :orange: in the DNS record for that CNAME and toggle it to :grey:, does it work?

No, still doesn’t work unfortenately :confused:

A few DNS servers do have your CNAME, but not all. It may take a while to propagate.



lp.imedlife.com.br looks like it’s still set to :orange: Proxied. Make sure it’s set to :grey: until the problem is solved.

Sorry, i changed it back.

Will keep deactivated.

My host told that it may take up to 4 hours to update, but it has been already almost 24h

According to your link, my DNS server is now connected, but still do not work :confused:
Any ideas?

Sorry, I don’t know why it’s not working, other than the fact it hasn’t fully propagated yet.

While @sdayman is seeing a 308, I get a SSL error, even when I try it with HTTP only:

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It looks good to me now.

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Oh, my bad, I forgot that a Cloudflare CNAME won’t show as CNAME on DNS checkers! :man_facepalming:

The site was probably showing partial propagation because @IMEDLIFE changed from :grey: to :orange:, hence the ones still in Cloudflare were showing :x: while the ones pointing to your host were showing the actual end domain.

It’s now working for me too.

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