Excessive hits from Cloudflare-Traffic-Manager

I’ve been troubleshooting an issue with a webserver locking up at seemingly random times. I am looking at the apache log and find tens of thousands of hits from Cloudflare-Traffic-Manager trying to GET a file named /healthz. The server is responding with a 404 error code. I do use CF’s DNS for one of the domains that point to this site, but nothing else is enabled on the account. The log gives a pool-id but I don’t know if its appropriate to post that publicly.

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Trey Cooper

My issue is identical to a request posted back in April. Except for that I’m a CF customer. (free tier – for now)

Assuming you haven’t created any health checks yourself on Cloudflare, you’ll have to create a support ticket at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and include the pool-id in the ticket.
Support will be able to find the associated health check with that ID and take further action if needed.

If your ticket gets automatically closed due to you being on the free tier, just post the ticket ID here, and we’ll escalate it so it gets re-opened.

Thank You for the reply. I have verified that health checks are off in the portal. They do not appear to be available in a free account.

Would that account for 10-20 hits every few seconds from different CF IP’s to an invalid path on the webserver?

The ticket number is 2575855 and yes, it was automatically closed.

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Escalated your ticket for the next support engineer on community shift, so you should see your ticket being re-opened soon.

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