Exception(page rule) for specific URL

Hi there,

I have a site running wordpress+woocommerce, one of my plugin(WooCommerce Store Exporter Deluxe by Visser Labs) conflicts with CDN,
so I set the following page rule for my site to disable CDN on whole Wp-admin (back-end)

Disable Security, Always online: off, Disable Apps, Disable Performance

but it still shows Couldflare 502 page when I try to use the plugin to export order. (loading /wp-admin/edit.php)

Is it anything wrong with the page rule?
I need your help.

Many thanks,

I suspect your rule matches *mysite.com/wp-admin*, but the two asterisks show up as italics.

I bet the 502 is caused by a timeout as you export an order. I know someone has quantified how long a timeout is before Cloudflare throws a 502, but I can’t find it.

Do you know how long the export process typically takes? Is it just for a single order?

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for your reply.
yes, the URL is (asterisks)mysite.com/wp-admin(asterisks)

the export process typically takes 10-20 seconds to download a CSV file that includes multi orders.

Many thanks.

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