Exception "(426) Upgrade Required" on API

While trying to call a api inf (such as create a zone or add a zone record), it always result on exception “(426) Upgrade Required”. Is it means neeed a partner account?

While trying replace https with http on the API entry point, as “http://api.cloudflare.com/client/v4/”, it response on success. but the result data is not correct. For an example, if try to add a A record on a zone, it returns success with all records on the zone. while no new records added indeed.

Based on what you wrote it would appear you receive that code because you send an HTTP request instead of an HTTPS one.

Can you post the exact code you are using to execute the request, minus the credentials of course?

Are you following the exact specification from Cloudflare API v4 Documentation?

It need TLS 1.2 above, and now https works fine now! thx