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I have a website which is hosted at A2Hosting account. They have a file usage limit of 600K Files. Some hots like Siteground call this limit inode usage while bluehost call it File Count limit.

My website has around 400k Files as it is 6 to 7 years old domain and have a lost of posts (around 28K).

Due to cache plugin, the file counts exceeds the limit of 600K files within a few hours after I empty the cache… So, for all the time, my account shows 100% file usage limit and in that case, I could’t create or edit posts, I even can’t update any plugin or theme.

I wanted to ask, if I add my domain to Cloudflare’s Free plan, will it address the issue of file count limit on my hosting account?

Not really. That caching plugin is most likely page caches. Cloudflare caches static files, like css and images.

Any solution with your existing host will be a kludge and can’t efficiently overcome your file count limitation.

Out of curiosity, how many gigs of data is your site? There are plenty of other affordable hosting options without such limitations.

I guess the file count exceeds because of the images. In about 25K posts, I have 2 posts per image at least. Then there might be many thumbnails of the features images in each posts that WP generates according to the theme requirements.

Website data is around 20GB.
I have contacted Siteground, they have a limit of 300K, BlueHost, 200K.
Fatcow don’t have such limit I guess, but they offer only 256MB php memory limit and I used fatcow but my site have some other problems on fatcow, like if I use Fatcow, I can’t use the JetPack plugin.

If you can recommend another affordable host, that would be great.

2 images per post

Digital Ocean and Vultr offer servers with 40-50 Gigs of storage for $10/month.

At Vultr, you can install a free version of Plesk for three domains. Either host has some one-click standalone configurations (WordPress, etc) you can put on the $10/month server.

My $5/month Vultr server has ~1.5 million free nodes on its 25 Gig drive.

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That looks great. I would definitely consider these options. BTW, I am not familiar with Plesk… Do they offer C-panel in $10 per month?
My single website has multiple WP installations. Like the main website is in Urdu language. Then I have /en for English version. A subdomain with videos.mydomain.com and another /msgs installation for Quotes for different events.

Will this be handled with 1 Plesk installation? I mean, for Plesk, it will be only one domain instead of four different domains. Right?

Plesk is very much like cPanel. The free version allows for three domains/subdomains. So example.com, videos.example.com and images.example.com would be the three.

Subdirectories don’t count toward the hosting limit, as that’s all under an existing domain. It sounds like you only have example.com and videos.example.com, which would be fine.

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Thank you for your quick replies… I will take some time to contact the support of Vultr to decide if that is suitable for me.
:grinning: Thank you for your support and bye for now :slight_smile:

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