We have purchased example.au

added NS1 & NS2 of Cloudflare but example.au is not a registered domain.

How to resolve issue?

If you have changed the nameservers to point to Cloudflare’s before you added the site to your Cloudflare account, this is a security risk, and won’t work as Cloudflare checks for responsive nameservers before adding your site. As they have not been assigned to your domain yet, they won’t respond and that’s why you see the error example.com is not a registered domain.

since 3 weeks ago registered and changes are not made.

any other domain we can straight away to use Cloudlare DNS.

But new domain .AU (not com.au).

what is the actual domain name causing you an issue?

I recall there were issues some weeks ago when public .au domains were enabled. But even auda.au is using Cloudflare nameservers successfully today.

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