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Hi I just setup and changed my nameservers in Godaddy for my site www.norvelhayes.org and now I get this: https://shortener.secureserver.net/error_404

I am new to this and not sure what has happened. I followed a tutorial and it didnt mention this. Help appreciated!!!

Quite often, it’s due to an SSL configuration mismatch. If you set it to :orange: in Cloudflare DNS, does it work?

I also see you don’t have a ‘www’ entry. That would be handy, even if it’s not the canonical URL:

Where would I check to set it to :orange: in Cloudflare DNS? Also how do I add a www. entry

Thank you for your time!

These are done in the DNS section of the Cloudflare dashboard. Click the :orange: next to the “A” record for norvelhayes.org

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