Everything set-up but connection doesn't seem to go through Cloud Flare

Hi, I have been having huge troubles getting SSL working on my website for the last 2 days through Cloudflare. I went over all the possible topics here I could find twice, through your official guides on how to set up DNS and SSL, done everything as you described but still no success.

My website is mythicplanner.com. The issue seems to be that the DNS isn’t working properly as I can’t find any CF headers in the requests (seems like the connection is directly to my server - hence the “not trusted” certificate) even though looking up DNS of my website finds CF IPs. (Not sure if that’s enough or correct)
Also, I found several topics mentioning the grey/orange clouds under DNS. For me, these are orange and always have been. My SSL/TLS settings is set to Full and I do have the Origin certificates installed on the origin server.

There’s a warning message under DNS that I can’t get rid of. It says “An A, AAAA, CNAME, or MX record is pointed to your origin server exposing your origin IP address.”

The frustration is getting high and I am beginning to be desperate.
Did post another issue here yesterday about Error 1004, which seems to be connected to this. This doesn’t allow me to order the Edge certificates.

Alright, 2 minutes after I posted this topic, the SLL suddenly began working. After 2 days. Consider this close I guess. :slight_smile:


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