Everything cached, but only 5% of requests served from cache?


In Page Rules I’ve set mysite.com/* to cache level: Everything. I have also set a browser cache TTL of 30mins. This has worked wonders for our Google Lighthouse scores. However, looking at the CloudFlare Overview dashboard, it’s saying that only 5% of request have been cached over the past 24 hours (the cache was turned on much longer ago). This is a very small, static website with only around 8 pages and very few assets - mostly HTML with the odd SVG image. I’m wondering why it’s not serving almost everything from the cache? I understand there has to be a number of non-cached requests to begin with in order for CloudFlare to know what it’s caching, but I’d have thought it would be doing more than caching 5% of requests.

Does this sound right? I’m worried that an imminent traffic spike will not be eased as I’d hoped by deploying CloudFlare, if it’s only going to take 5% of the weight of the traffic. Or is it the case that the sudden spike of 10000 visitors would result in CloudFlare serving a much higher proportion (95%+?) of the content from its cache?

Thanks folks.

A spike will definitely be cached during the spike, but low-traffic sites have their assets evicted early for higher demand sites.

If you want to test this, give loader.io a try. Their free plan offers a pretty useful limited test suite.

That makes sense. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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