Every single site using Cloudflare is blocked on FireFox

Hello, I use FireFox as my day-to-day browser, and everything was fine until one day, everything just stopped working. At first I thought it was caused by my VPN, so I turned it off, but no, it’s still happening.

What’s happening is that, whenever I go onto a site that uses Cloudflare, it just breaks. Sometimes I can’t even load it, other times nothing works and then I get “Access Denied” error. The most annoying is when it has the “click to verify you’re human” prompt, that never finishes and constantly spins forever, never completing, and never letting me into the site.

I’ve tried changing my IP address, it did not work.
Using another browser seems to work, however I would like to continue using FireFox.

How do I fix this?

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I am posting this from OperaGX, since the Cloudflare site… also blocked me.

Firefox is my primary browser, and I’ve been browsing unblocked for the last half hour.

I’m guessing your Firefox configuration is different from mine. Or it really is something about your network connection. If you’ve got contacts at a site that’s challenging you, they should be able to look up the Ray ID in your block/challenge and let you know why you couldn’t get through.

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