Every few hists to the server result in an incredibly slow response, can you help me confirm if this is an issue with the ISP?

Somewhere between every 3 to 8 or so page requests to our site the handshaking and response initial response from the server is incredibly slow.

It’s not specific page, it can be absolutely any page, so it’s not about coding of the site per-se.

I’ve already gone through various things with the ISP (such as blocking the more demanding bots that hit the site) but these changes haven’t really had any impact on the issue, which wasn’t really a surprise to me as the rate of bot requests to the site really is really small (a few a minute).

I just wondered if there are ways that I can rule Cloudflare out of the equation and at the same time use Cloudflare to troubleshoot this via the tools provided ?

Thanks for any suggestions