Every day always around midnight our site hosted on bluehost gives us a 524 error

Hello, our WordPress site hosted on Bluehost encounters a 524 error every night around midnight and becomes unreachable for about an hour. I contact the support team every evening and have always received conflicting responses. Lately, the most popular response is to point the DNS to Bluehost and not directly to Cloudflare. In short, we don’t know what to do. Has anyone faced similar problems?

A 524 error means your server didn’t respond in time to Cloudflare requests. If it is midnight, do you have any scheduled jobs running on the server at that time that increase the load such that it can’t respond to requests?

You can pause Cloudflare rather than change the nameservers to check what you can see at the time when bypassing Cloudflare.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try to follow your advice this evening.
I hope to get the bottom of it

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