Eventfulmoments.in is on your server, please help

I am not able to reach Cloudflare customer care - mx records changed, please call me on 8197178666 urgently

Please edit out your personal phone number, as it’s not advisable (or allowed) here.

It looks like there is no MX record in your DNS records. Please add it, as described here:

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The domain was with webgate first and now it shows Cloudflare. I have access of my cpanel but thats not saving the dns either .

My emails are managed by Google. Please tell me how do I log into Cloudflare

If you read the tutorial I linked to, there is a link to get to your DNS records settings.

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I tried and it still fails to add the mx records.

What are the Cloudflare nameservers further down that page? They will end in ns.cloudflare.com


I’m referring to the same page you took the screenshot of DNS records on.

can you please help, what should I do now?

how do I update the name servers to the one you shared? my emails from clients are bouncing back and Its hitting my business from last 2 weeks.

Your screenshot did not match the one Kian provided. It should be from your DNS page here, and say “Cloudflare Nameservers” plus the two NS records listed below it.

how do I update the name servers?

[type or paste code here](http://whois.com/whois/eventfulmoments.in)

I am checking here and the name servers @KianNH shared are not matching. I am not sure how to fix it. I have hosting space with webgate, email is with google but I dont know how the domain is with Cloudflare

ok I will try that thank you so much

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