Even though I changed name servers my website is says server not found

When I first opened Cloudflare there were dns servers on it already and I accidentally deleted one I believe it was an A server is this the reason or could I have configured it wrong

What domain?

Adamedia .co without the space in between

Current name servers for that domain are hazel.ns.cloudflare.com and reese.ns.cloudflare.com, and that part works just fine.

It does however look like your set up is pointing towards Funnels (e.g. flash.funnels.msgsndr.com), where the configuration isn’t matching the attempted set up from their end.

The apex domain (e.g. naked domain, … without www) seems to not have been configured on their platform.

For the www variant of your site, I’m simply seeing a 404 No Found, which indicate that there is no content on your site yet.

How to can add content to your Funnels site is something you would need to discuss with the support desk at Funnels.

Can you share a screenshot of that “server not found” message?

It sounds like your operating system and/or DNS resolver may still have an older IP address in it’s cache, if things has been changed very recently.

In that case, the solution would be to wait and be patient.

Im going to screen shot everything and I have content to my funnel that’s the part that is having me confused but I’m going to screen shot all of the things I have been talking about


This photo is my host telling me the dns server and what it says to do I thought I did it correct but I obviously didn’t.

It says I can only post one embedded phot per post doing I’m going to reply separately for all the screen shots

this is my Cloudflare

just incase the other one didn’t load

This is my funnel

Just to confirm, you do NOT have any intentions to use Google for anything regarding your website (e.g. neither on adamedia.co nor on www.adamedia.co)?

what do you mean by use google like as a host?

As hosting for your website, yes.

These four AAAA records pointing to the Google network would be conflicting with your Funnels set up.

Visitors on networks that support IPv6 will (typically) go to Google, where networks that do only support the stone age Internet, on IPv4, would be sent to Funnels.

So if you intend to use this gohighlevel.com Funnels alone for your website (when pointing a web browser like e.g. Firefox or Chrome to adamedia.co), you would have to delete these four AAAA records.

thank you I’m going to do that now I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to delete those or not Im going to see if it works

do I have to change any of the CNAMES or any other type

You can always check your audit log to see the values of the record(s) you remove, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log

Sorry about that, I adjusted your permissions to sidestep that issue

You may want to click the :grey: on your A record to change it to :orange:. At the moment, it’s exposing your origin IP

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Thanks very much appreciated

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Based on the information that your gohighlevel.com Funnels screenshots provide, you should not have to change anything else.

okay so I deleted them do I have to wait for my website to work or does it work instantly and thanks for taking your time to help

It says that its impersonating my domain but its not I can see its running but before the website runs it says its impersonating