Even after page rule is disabled it's still active


Looking for assistance on the issue. Even after the page rule is disabled its still routing to the path and giving the page. Tried multiple options but no luck:

  1. Added a new url on override which does not exist at all but it’s still redirecting to the old one.
  2. Tried with disable cache option still no luck.

Waiting for help as I have seen multiple similar issues. We are not reluctant to PURGE cache as multiple applications are running.

Thanks & Regards
Hiranya Kumar Deka

Could someone please help on getting this issue sorted?

Can you provide the link? Can you try with the browser in incognito/private mode to ensure the redirect, if it was permanent, isn’t still being used by the browser.

Thanks for the reply. The issue is sloved now, seems to be there were some problems in a datacenter on Thursday/Friday which might have caused the issue.