Even after adding site verification record my domain not not getting verified

What is the name of the domain?


What is the error message?

Try protecting barnescreative-studios.com again

What is the issue you’re encountering

We’re currently unable to verify your domain. You might need to wait longer for your domain host to update your information. If that doesn’t happen soon, try verifying again.

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

I tried to verify domain several time even after adding site verification code and waiting for 48 hrs my domain is not getting verify

What feature, service or problem is this related to?

DNS records

What are the steps to reproduce the issue?

google site verification record

Screenshot of the error

That domain is still available for registration. You need to buy it before you can use it.


This domain doesn’t seem to be registered…

whois barnescreative-studios.com
>>> Last update of whois database: 2024-07-08T16:45:33Z <<<

This incorrect. This domain has been purchased and is registered in my account (see below).

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Did you register the domain using Cloudflare Registrar and does it show here…?

If so, you’ll need to raise a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here…
…as the domain isn’t showing as registered.

If you only added the domain to Cloudflare, that won’t register it.


The domain is not appearing in that list, but I did purchase it through Cloudflare registrar. It does appear in the website section of my account


Did you actually get billed for the domain? If the answer is yes, then create a support ticket as explained by @sjr .

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