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Hello everyone

Here is the short version: We would like to use the “free plan” with an EV certificate.

We have been using Cloudflare for some time and even have a partner account with Cloudflare.

We now have a new website with an EV SSL certificate. We would like to profit with this site not only from the Cloudflare DNS, but also from all other advantages with the “free plan”. But here we have the problem, even if we deactivate everything under Crypto, that this is not compatible with our EV SSL.

Is there a solution here without having to pay $200 a month just because you want to use an EV SSL?

Thank you


An EV cert requires a plan which allows for uploading a custom certificate. That is only available on the Biz and Enterprise plans.


Thank you. Do you know if there is an option if you have access to the partner system?


I would like to question the need for an EV certificate here, though. Are you sure you need one?

GoDaddy SSL w/ Cloudflare

Might just be something upper management wants- they see other companies (competitors) with the company name in the address bar and want to have that too. Even as it doesn’t do anything for security, browsers treating them differently makes EV certificates very “upper class” and coveted.

Safari now does show the full URL instead of the EV org name in iOS 12 (below) which is a good step and knocking down EV’s status, but Chrome and Firefox both still treat EVs with high regard.

iOS 11

iOS 12


Well Chrome is dropping it soon, Firefox I would assume as well.


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