EV SSL on Website plan



Currently we are experiencing a bump in using cloudflare with our EV SSL. We would like to use our own certificate to show the company name in the address bar.
But from what we see, it’s only in business plan and up. Is there any possibility to purchase this functionality as seperate for cheaper price?
Like argo or load balancing.


I’m moving this to the Product Request category, as this currently isn’t possible.

I know that lots of people are excited about EV certificates, but most end users don’t know the difference. Is an EV certificate some sort of business requirement in your industry?


Adding to @sdayman I would like to point out that more and more browsers (including iOS 12, macOS 10.14, Chrome, Firefox…) are moving to have no positive visual indicators (as padlocks, green chips, names for EV certs, etc.) but only negative ones.

As it goes now most users on the latest (stable or beta) releases of browsers won’t see a difference in using an EV certificate and they don’t know the difference to a non EV cert. They can barely distinguish an original from a fake website.

Are you sure it makes sense to buy and spend a lot of money maintaining an EV certificate.

PS: read Troy Hunt’s blog (troyhunt.com) and Scott Helme’s (scotthelme.co.uk) for more info, there are far too many articles to link.