EV SSL on Host Server

I have added an EV SSL on my host server. When running a SSL Checker I don’t see it. Can we get the benefit of a EV SSL with using the business plan?

At this point EV certificates do not really do much anything any more. There is little point in having one.

However, to address your question, yes, with a Business plan you could upload your certificate with the key to Cloudflare and the proxies would subsequently present the uploaded certificate instead.

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Sorry I meant a pro plan. Can that be done with a pro plan?

On a Pro plan, no.

If we are using CloudFlare Pro, is there a point of having a paid SSL on the hosting side of cloudflare(IE host -> Cloudflare) on an ecommerce site? IE do you know if the warranty a paid SSL has would even count if we are using the SSL from cloudflare’s pro plan(from cloudflare -> customer browser)?

You do need a certificate on your server, whether that is paid or not does not really matter. A free Cloudflare Origin certificate will ensure an encrypted connection just as fine.

SSL certificate warranties are not a thing. https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/a/116862


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