EV Cert on a couple of possible suspect sites

I bought a couple of items recently on two different sites that have CF’s EV certs securing them. I am now concerned that possibly neither of them are legit sites.

globalbigs.com & joepretty.com

I went back to global bigs after not receiving a reply 5 days later to an emailed question. Both the sites look really legit to me. (I supported eCommerce sites for a large multinational for many years) But when i google mapped the address of the globalbigs dot com it doesn’t exist. That has me wondering if I have finally gotten scammed.

I administered our PKI for NA & SA and have purchased EV Certs from Verisign in the past and it was quite a process to get the registrar to allow me to create them. Took lots of proof I wasn’t a fraudster.

Does CF have a similar process that should weed out the fraudsters? I am hoping these sites are legit, but am now almost convinced I got duped. Something I never expected as I am an extremely skeptical IT person. -Bill

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Hi @connellb,

Those certificates aren’t EV, just DV so Cloudflare will check that they have control over the domain, but not company details etc. as you would with EV.

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I don’t see EV certs for either of those sites, these are DV (ECC stands for Elliptic Curve Crypto I believe)


If you have proof these sites are defrauding customers, there are a couple of courses of action:

  • the abuse form - include any information you have and screenshots if possible https://cloudflare.com/abuse
  • if you personally have spent money and have not received what you expected, you should go to your bank and ask them to chargeback the purchase and also give them any information you have.
  • If the value is non-minor, a police report would also be worthwhile and shows your bank that you’re serious about the business defrauding you.
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OH My, The green lock doesn’t mean very much anymore then. That’s sad for the consumer, anyone can register a domain and then get a green lock cert. I will be waiting to see if the items arrive. Hopefully they will. -Bill

Yep, the padlock only means you connected to a website securely and nobody can eavesdrop on the connection. Now, you can tell if a business has an EV certificate by looking at the padlock’s certificate manually.


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EV is dead. Even Amazon doesn’t use EV anymore.

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I’m very sure that joepretty is indeed a scam, as they are selling this “$870” computer ( https://www.joepretty.com/8gb-ddr4--gamer-g-ivr8060a7-nvidia-home--gaming-1tb-win-2-9ghz-hdd---treme-i5-9400f-pc-10-ssd--802-11ac-cyberpowerpc-wifi-vr-6gb--geforce-1660-120gb----intel-black-gt- ) for $90. I did, however, buy this motherboard ( https://www.joepretty.com/3-1-e-treme-gen--ddr4-and-lga1151-8th-asus-m-2-gen2-usb-9th-802-11ac-rog--intel-ma-imus-gaming-onboard-motherboard-eat--wifi-z390--i-hdmi ), because I am interested as to what I will receive. I’m sure paypal will have my back on this though.

Holy Cow, I had not seen that ridiculous price, nor the other stuff that showed up to browse on that page. Now I am positive that I got taken. Geez! What I bought was only about 20% less than what I expected to pay, figured it was a Chinese knockoff but would work for me.
I wonder how long I need to wait before I petition Paypal. -Bill

Oh my, I just found another site doing something similar lukecar.com Seems google pushing both these sites.

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There’s now another website, brandlbox.com, which is selling the same products for even cheaper, being pushed to the top of the google algorithm. The site is nearly identical to joepretty.com, as you can tell by these screenshots. http://prntscr.com/pmio4c http://prntscr.com/pmio69 . Literally same font and everything.

If you link such sites on forums like this, they will get more trust and rank even higher in Google Search. Better would be to archive the URL on Archive.org and just link to this URL…