Hello Support

I am hoping you can help me, Ella has suggested I speak to you.

Scapa group(Helathcare) acquired a company called EuroMed Inc in 2016, and recently IT have been asked to make some changes to the site but we don’t seem to have records of the portal. Existing IT have since left, and although our site is active we don’t have a way to make changes. We do receive email though.

So I am wondering how we can get some help to gain control (with proof of who we are etc…)?



We’re not actually Support, but if you email them, they should be able to get you started: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Make sure you post the ticket # here once your get the autoreply.

Thank you. I have tried this route but I can’t get any further. I get the options to find my email address but need to add the domain name (which then sends to buy hosting). Otherwise I get the community but I have done twice but each time it marks as solved. I am a bit stuck but appreciate your position. I will try Ella Monck again. Thanks for the assist anyway. Mark

Anybody who sends email the address I posted should get a ticket number in the reply. You didn’t?

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