EuroDNS can't update nameservers

I have a domain name on EuroDNS and to update the nameservers want 25€ !
Does anyone know how i can redirect the old nameservers?

What is the domain in question and can you post a screenshot of where they ask for that amount, as I’d find it hard to believe they actually do.

Heh… some registrars charge stupid money for things like changing nameservers. So I can totally believe it as 25€ seems almost reasonable compared to some prices I’ve seen. Course I pay $0 for that kind of thing with my registrar as you likely do…I get your shock that someone would charge for it.

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we can see it also here
see the image also !

see here


yes, it was my company stupidity…

That seems to be an extension issue then though and the registry might charge that.

Anyhow, if you dont change the nameservers you cant use Cloudflare (unless you go for a Business plan). Maybe you can transfer the domain to another registrar who is not subject to that charge, but i seems even a transfer is charged.

yeap… every action is charged…

If that is not the registry, but just the registrar it might be a good idea to pay these 25 once and transfer to another registrar. But that is something you need to clarify.

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I mean if you are on a Business Plan and the nameservers are from your own zone you could do buddy nameservers, but then you’re paying Cloudflare $250 a month and if you don’t need anything else we offer on the Business plan that seems silly.

I’d make a snide remark about just transferring the domain to another registrar, but I know that if your business selected them to manage your registrations that’s unlikely to be an easy sell… on the plus side, hopefully Cloudflare will save you far more than that transfer fee in short order.

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It might be just that particular registrar (though they dont charge for every TLD). does not appear to have such charges.

If that is the case, it might be a good idea to pay the 25 for the transfer and transfer out.

There are sometimes other ‘value added’ services these Registrars provide. How valuable they are is an interesting question to say the least.

I am surprised EuroDNS is doing that. Never used them, but came across them a few times.

Still cant tell if it really is them or the LV registry, however other registrars apparently do not charge for that.

I think i will pay the 25€ and i will not buy anything from EuroDNS

For the transfer or the nameservers?

The best solution is to transfer it

First clarify if other registrars don’t also charge, but if they dont transferring wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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