EURID requires DNSKEY, UX for getting it is absymal

I tried (and eventually succeeded) enabling DNSSEC for a .eu domain of mine. Cloudflare by default provides a DS record, and a bunch of other data separately, to help you with adding it to your registrar. As it turns out (after some mailing with my registrar), EURID only allows DNSKEY entries to be added, and not DS ones. My registrar required the RFC 4034 format for it, which is I think reasonable. Cloudflare does not provide this on the UI, you have to craft it yourself from the available data. The help is very unhelpful at doing this too. It took me several minutes of googling to find out that Protocol is just always meant to be “3”.
Simply something like “If your registrar or registry doesn’t support DS, try using DNSKEY:” followed by the entry similar to how DS is now would’ve saved me this whole hassle, so I think some UX polishing would really be welcome by all .eu owners.