EurekaHost and DNS Settings

Does anyone know exactly how I change my DNS from EurekaHost ( & ( to Cloudflare ( & (

I can’t get any help from Eurekahost Tech support at all.


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These types of changes have to be done at your domain’s registrar.

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Thanks, but what does that mean? I can’t get anyone at EurekaHost to tell me exactly what I need to change. Under Cpanel, there is a Domains section with something called “Zone editor” and “Dynamic DNS”. Do I use one of these to change something?

Thanks for you reply. You’re the first and only one that’s said anything about this to me.

What’s the domain?

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Your registrar is Dreamhost. You’ll have to update your name servers there. It would be part of your WHOIS info.

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Oh, crum! Right your ARE! I did originate that domain at but actually build and run if from EurekaHost. I had forgotten that I had done than and now I’m going to go hide so no one can ever find me again!

I’ve changed the DNS now, it’s so simple on DreamHost. I like Dreamhost because everything they have seems real simple, but my web sites just don’t run very fast on their servers.

Ok, again thanks for fixing my stupidity! I appreciate!

I’m gone!


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