Domains no longer working

Hey There,
I have used a few domains in the past on Cloudflare, I currently have a few already on there, but I am needing to add two more, and I am currently experiencing the message of Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information of at this time. Please contact Cloudflare Support or try again later..


I expect this is a bug, but is there an ETA when this would be fixed?

Did you use the search here with that error message?

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Yes, I found out it happens with Freenom, but Freenom has been broken for a while and has only broke a few days ago. :slight_smile:

That does not seem to be the same issue as Freenom, but yeah, all the Freenom people probably spammed the search I am afraid.

Iā€™d try Community Tip - Fixing Code: 1049 is not a registered domain.

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Ah alright, thanks alot! :smiley:

Actually, Community Tip - Fixing Failed to lookup registrar and hosting information Code: 1110 will be more accurate.

Bottom line, your nameservers are not responding for your domain.

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