EU and NON EU Countries Cookie Banner or Not

I have a website that operates globally. I would like to create a trigger that automatically loads scripts without a cookie banner for all non-EU countries and with the consent banner for all EU countries. I am trying to solve this using triggers, but I am not making any progress.
As I understand:
First I create Scripts for EU / Non EU
Create Triggers for both
Sign these Scripts with the Triggers

Can you help me? Or do you have a tutorial?

Are you able to follow this guide on Consent management with Zaraz?

visited guide but no information about my issue

you need to use the Consent API for that: Consent API · Cloudflare Zaraz docs

is this correct or what I have to do? found no tutorial

looks good to me

tried it with vpn in the us. cookie banner is still there. Cleared all Caches before.

These are my settings @yoav_zaraz could you help?
As mentioned I included the script over html tag. You have to enter a purpose in consent. I do not understand how this should work.