Ethereum getLogs and 128 max entries limitation

(I post this under General tag, as there is no tag for Ethereum support and I do not know how to reach Cloudflare Ethereum gateway developers, as the documentation does not have any instructions or recommendations).

Currently, Cloudflare Ethereum nodes only support 128 last log entries:

RPC API methods followed by "*" are only supported for the latest 128 blocks

Have you any plans to release this restriction? Currently it severely limits to usability of Cloudflare Ethereum nodes for any Dapp hosting.

Furthermore Cloudflare cannot be used to sync Ethereum 2 nodes, because you cannot query the past proofs. This is what you get on Prysm startup:

ERROR powchain: Unable to process past logs Invalid Request. Requested data is older than 128 blocks.

If you need to throttle traffic, I suggest you use headers that batch log fetches, instead of limiting cut off to an arbitrary point of time.

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