Ethereum Gateway

Hey I’m looking at using Cloudflare’s Ethereum gateway and I’m seeing differing instructions on whether it’s available.

This ( page says its in private beta and you need to request access, however this (Distributed Web Gateway | Cloudflare) page has instructions on how to set it up as if its open to anyone.

Any confirmation on which of the sources is correct would be supper helpful!

I get the feeling it was wide open at one point, but they had to scale it back.

And it wouldn’t be a Monday if I didn’t tag @kody to see why your second link makes it look like it’s still open for signups.

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Wow! That is confusing!

Let me poke some PMs and see if I can get an answer.

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Alrighty, so the source of truth is the developer docs (though that info isn’t called out super clearly even there). The functionality is in a private beta, as @sdayman guessed.

We’ve got a ticket out to another team to update that marketing website.

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