ETag Not Showing Up When Served With Flask-CORS

Hey guys!

I’m trying to get Cloudflare to forward ETag headers - I tried disabling Email Obfuscation and Automatic HTTPS Rewrites as per this article. This led me to my second problem - CORS; since I’m serving the files from a different site, I had to configure CORS using Flask-CORS for my Flask app. Now while this did reveal the ETag headers, they were all the same despite me disabling cache on Chrome (ETag is supposed to change when cache is purged).

Determined to make this work, I coded up my own cache-control solution with the NotModified Werkzeug class. I’ve been able to use this solution previously when I was using Namecheap’s nameservers, but when I implemented that here, the ETag wouldn’t show up.

I’ve been spending the whole day trying to figure this out and I would love somebody’s help to figure this out. Thanks in advance!

Following up on this - do you think I can substitute ETag with Cloudflare’s “cf-request-id” header? I was playing around with it and it seemed to serve the same purpose

It’s been more than a week but I have yet to receive a reply from Cloudflare support…can anyone from the community help me with this? :crying_cat_face: