ETA for CIRA (.ca) Domains - Transfer

[current ask Oct 2021]
Is there an ETA on when CIRA will allow Cloudflare to transfer or hold *.ca addresses?
I saw this question was last asked in 2020 it’s another year do I was hoping it was at least getting closer.
I’m assuming it hasn’t happened yet since I still cannot transfer my domains.

Thank you

All the public dates on on the Registrar Policies page.

.ca is not on the list at the moment, and unless it is listed on that page there is no ETA that will be shared publicly.

In their Registrar for Everyone blog post (2021-09-28), they mention that several additional country codes will be available “in the coming months”. .ca was listed along with .de, .in, and .au as examples of what they’d be adding.

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