Estimated Savings by Using Cloudflare?

Hello. I am hoping to get some insight on how to best use Cloudflare. We are currently running AWS and use about 1.2 TB of data transfer each month (pre-Cloudflare) across several domains. This traffic is spread across regular web traffic/HTTP and email traffic (POP/IMAP) - some domains are heavier users than others.

We put one domain on Cloudflare free plan and it looks like we reduced web traffic by about 175-200GB month over month for this site. It is a heavier user of data. We just put another handful of heavier users of domains on Cloudflare free plan (about 35%-40% of monthly usage). There could be a 3rd batch - the remainder of the domains (most small companies) that, in aggregate, makeup about 60% of the total usage.

I have a few questions I am hoping to get some insight on:

  1. How much savings can we expect if we put all of our domains on Cloudflare?
  2. Does Cloudflare help with reducing/optimizing email traffic for the POP/IMAP accounts we are running?
  3. What additional savings can we expect or look to if we were to activate the $20/month plan for each domain?
  4. Are there any services we can look at to get some help with optimizing usage?
  5. Should we be looking at any other benefits that could improve costs and performance?

We are pretty cost-driven being a small shop, so our primary motivation is looking to Cloudflare to reduce some usage costs.

I believe it depends on the cache setup configuration at Cloudflare.

Moreover, for an Website (HTTP and HTTPS) with approx. ~10k daily visits, using Cloudflare Pro plan and has got cache setup (either W3 Total Cache for WordPress):

From my origin it shows approx. 83GB month.

Cloudflare does not proxy an e-mail service.

Yes. Using Cloudflare Tutorials and Community to either ask or to figure out what and how to setup optimization, regarding HTML minify, page speed loading, CSS, JavaScript, TTFB, cache for static files, even cache for .html files, image compress and optimization and delivery as .webp format, etc.

For other answers or better one, kindly wait patiently until someone else more experienced write you back with some more useful information due to your cite:

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