Establishing DNS For a New Domain

I recently had a new Government website approved from the registrar. This is a brand new domain that has never been used before and never had any DNS service. I want to use Cloudflare to provide DNS service and the nameservers that I need. When I try to add the site to my Cloudflare account, it says that the site cannot be found. How do I go about establishing nameservers for a brand new site?

.gov is always tricky. The first thing I would try would be to add it to with some temporary IP addresses, then see if Cloudflare will accept that.

If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

I setup an account with and put in their nameservers. Still getting a message that DNS validation failed.

And the temporary IP addresses? I generally test this with

While you’re experimenting with that, please open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com and let them know you need assistance adding a dot gov domain to your account. As soon as you get the autoreply with the ticket #, please post that # here. The ticket will mostly likely auto-close, but we can escalate the ticket.

I put in a Support ticket with Cloudflare. It is ticket number 2322596.

Ok, I’ve put that ticket # into the escalation queue.

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Thank you for doing that.

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Good to note, at the moment, adding a .gov zone requires assistance, if your post is WRT adding a .gov zone, please contact support AT cloudflare DOT com with the name of the zone, post with the ticket number here and :black_flag: your post as Something else and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Shortly after putting in my ticket, they were able to add my new site manually. DNS has now been established. I appreciate the help from this forum.


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