Establishing Connection from Internal Network to Remote Client

Cloudflare Zero Trust is setup and working.

Private network has been connected by installing the Cloudflared application on a domain joined windows 2019 server in our internal network.
Internal IP subnets have been assigned to go through this tunnel.
WARP has been installed and configured on a Windows 10 machine, with the WARP client establishing connection when client os off the corporate network.
Client can ping resources and access resources on the internal network fine.

However, although I can initiate connections from the remote client running WARP to the internal network, I have yet to work out how I can initiate the opposite: a connection or even a ping from the internal network to the remote client.

Is this even possible with Cloudflare Zero Trust?

Hi there,

Try enabling WARP to WARP under ZT > Settings > Network > Firewall

There might also be the need to configure your split tunnel. Here’s some documentation about it:

Take care.

Thanks for the replay. I ended up replacing the Cloudflared connector with the WARP connector ( Set up WARP Connector · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs)