ESET reject access to my website

Hello, Some of my users who use the ESET antivirus, tell me that they can not directly access the web because the antivirus rejects access. Any information I can check to solve it?
I am using the free plan and I want to switch to the paid one, but I need to solve these issues.
Thank you.

This is most likely related to your domain though, not Cloudflare.

Thank you @sandro, but before using Cloudflare, it did not happen. Problem started since I use Cloudflare. Any check I should do?

What is the warning in the first place? Post a screenshot, and what is the domain in question?

I’m waiting for the users response to tell me the exact warning. I will inform you about this
Many Thnaks.

It is not necessarily what ESET is using, but for starters you can check your site at

Current status

check_circle No unsafe content found

Site info

This info was last updated on Aug 16, 2018.

Site safety can change over time. Check back for updates.

I will install ESSET to do tests

I have done tests with ESET but I can not reproduce the error.
Users tell me that the error that appears is:
The Server Certificate has changed unexpectedly. Unreliable certificate.

The user should send you a screenshot. This is typically a browser error though.

You´re right!

Hello, Attach capture of the ESET error. It is related to the SSL certificate: “The server certificate has changed unexpectedly”. Other users use the Yandex browser and give them the error: “Unable to establish a secure connection

I have my own certificate installed on the server and use a free Cloudfare certificate with the Fulll (Strict) option

I’d check what certificate you get in these cases. Maybe that is even a genuine warning.

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