Escalate support ticket? Debug 520?

We have been seeing intermittent connection failures between Cloudflare and our origin (an AWS load balancer) for the last few days. I opened a support ticket (#2368471) at the weekend, and the next day Cloudflare replied:

we found an issue at the colo in Frankfurt, and our team have fixed the issue and this should not happen again

This seems to indicate a fault on the Cloudflare side, and I am grateful for the response. But the issue is not fixed, and the ticket hasn’t had a response in over 24 hours. Meanwhile ~50% of requests to the website are failing with a 520 error.

Is there a way to escalate a support ticket (I’d have thought it would have been escalated for future replies when CF identified a fault on their side)? Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could debug this ourselves?

Yes , Any one from Cloudflare team or MVP can escalate this and also I will flag this fro moderation

Please wait till their reply

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The only escalations the community can do are for getting free plan tickets re-opened if there is an issue that can’t be fixed from the user side. If you already have a ticket that’s open then it will be in the queue somewhere. I’ll add it to the community queue as well but I doubt that will do much to help if it is open and pending a response.

Issues like this should not be flagged, flagging is for community issues with posts like spam or inappropriate content.


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