Errors when am try to acces cloudflare using bluehost

why am i receiving this text everytime i try to join cloudflare There was a problem in adding the cloudflare. Please try again.

Is that the exact message?

I do not recognize that as a cf error, you probably need to contact bluehost.

when am trying to connect it keep show a pop um notification saying there was an error

i have reached out to bluehost concerning the issue and they told to ask for assistance from cloudflare

Can you share a screenshot of the notification?

Are you added the website to or are you added cloudflare to your bluehost account?

this message

Thank you.

We can help as much as we can, everyone here uses cloudflare, not everyone uses bluehost.

The error you shared (typos and all) are from the bluehost dash. But, let’s see if we can asissit.

What is the name of the website, I can see if there is anything particular about that site.

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