Errors on static files/cached also

Hello guys,
I’m still experiencing errors especially on static files/images, even after 1 week the server always responds with 522 from the same locations, my hosting support says that the firewall log is clean, and they cannot whitelist Cloudflare ips (shared server)

Now I could know in detail, the upstream problem for 522 errors through ray ids, if it’s really a timeout or some other error generated?

Ray ID: 3e4ae1866eeca356
Ray ID: 3e4ae4434ef426b4
Ray ID: 3e4ae2c51d7e54c8

With this data I could provide more information to my hosting, if there’s a routing problem.

I’d recommend opening a ticket with support login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

OK I’ll do it this way.