Errors on server



I keep getting the following error sequence on regular basis, at my server’s error.log:

[22-Aug-2017 11:15:05 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: [CLIENT API] Array
[type] => request
[path] =>
[timeout] => 30
[method] => GET
[headers] => Array
[X-Auth-Key] => *************************************
[X-Auth-Email] => ****************
[Content-Type] => application/json


[22-Aug-2017 11:15:05 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: [CLIENT API] Array
[type] => response
[reason] => Forbidden
[code] => 403

[22-Aug-2017 11:15:05 UTC] [Cloudflare] ERROR: Forbidden

Please let me know if there may be something wrong with my settings of CF or I should resolve this with my hosting provider.

Thanks in advance


Oh, so you’re trying to make an automated call to Cloudflare’s API and it’s failing? I’d suggest you submit a support ticket here at Cloudflare, as it looks like your request is being blocked. Just my impression…I’m not an API wizard.