Errors in dns health report



Should I do something about those errors & warnings show in the pingdom dns health report?



PTR is needed for sending emails, DNSSEC is optional.

Since these IPs are owned by google I can’t see any Cloudflare related errors.


Thanks Mark

My DNSSEC in cloudflare is active. Does it mean it not configure properly and my registrar

as you can see here CF doesn’t indicate any error there

and this is chineese to me

I’ll add my mx record

thansk for pointing these out


As I recall, Algorithm 13 isn’t widely implemented by many DNSSEC participants. It’s valid, as confirmed here:

On that dnsviz diagram, if your DNSSEC was broken, you wouldn’t have a DNSKEY link down into your DNS records on the bottom row.


Thanks, didn’t realized Chinese was so easy to learn :slight_smile:

All is good then. Good to learn the inner workings

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