Errors in crontab and cloudflare

I’m running sending emails using Mautic and Easecron, and when trying to run Easecron this error is showing up with information regarding cloudflare, I would like to know what this could be.

I turned off the proxy to see if it solves, but is this the problem? The proxy?

Expect-Ct: max-age=604800, report-uri=“
Report-To: {“endpoints”:[{“url”:“"}],“group”:“cf-nel”,"max_age”:604800}
Nel: {“success_fraction”:0,“report_to”:“cf-nel”,“max_age”:604800}
Cf-Ray: 6b80dde9183cecee-YUL
Alt-Svc: h3=":443"; ma=86400, h3-29=":443"; ma=86400, h3-28=":443"; ma=86400, h3-27=":443"; ma=86400
Date: Sat, 04 Dec 2021 00:21:43 GMT
Content-Length: 0
Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache
Cf-Cache-Status: DYNAMIC
Server: cloudflare

Those look like regular headers, except for the Content-Length. I don’t know what the actual response from Easecron should look like. Maybe it is supposed to be empty.

There should be some sort of first line that looks like:

HTTP/2 200

But the text you posted does not necessarily indicate an error.

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