Errors and steps in enabling Zero Trust login page

There doesn’t seem to be a “Zero Trust” option in the subject dropdown. My apologies upfront if this exists to select somehow.

I enabled Zero Trust today and have been struggling to enable the login page to my application. Currently the block page is shown to users.

I’ve read through all of the docs and finally see some brief text explaining how to create a group with emails ending in and a location. I’m assuming this is required first?

When saving a Gateway → location I get an error. Failed to read response body

Are these the steps to enable the login page for a cloud pages hosted app?

Progress has been made!

Gateway → location does have errors. Failed to read response body

However, I see that when navigating to my DNS pointed domain name it then displays the login page.

Navigating directly to the team name URL did not display a login page. I see that now. Perhaps the docs could be more clear about a step-by-step Zero Trust policy setup.

Thanks for reading.