Errors 525/522 but only to my IP

So I’ve been facing errors that only happen to my IP, everyone else can access the website normally, when I change my IP (Or use VPN) I can access everything with no problems, it’s only me who is facing this.

I did a lot of checking:

  • My IP is not blocked in Cloudflare Firewall
  • Cloudflare IPs are not blocked nor touched
  • My DNS is clean (the IP of the origin web server is correct and proxied)
  • I contacted GoDaddy and they said we can’t help with anything…
  • I cleaned my browser cache and tried from many browsers (Firefox - Chrome - Safari)

The problem is only visible to me, the website is only down for my IP, I did many tests to ensure that my DNS or SSL is working fine. My SSL certificate is valid.

I was getting error 522 at the beginning and then it was differing between 522/525 and the ray ID keeps changing every time I refresh.
After several refreshes website works for seconds and then breaks, sometimes loads the website with broken CSS.

My only access to it now is using Opera with VPN (changing my IP).
And just to stress on it, everyone else can access the website very normally.

Honestly, this is making me go insane. I wish to find any help here.
I also contacted Cloudflare and was ignored.

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5xx errors are caused by the web host. 522 is often due to rate limiting. Intermittent 525 is a weird one, as it should be consistent. Again, there’s something wrong with the server’s response.

When you contacted Cloudflare support, did you get an automatic reply with a ticket #? If so, can you post the Ticket # here?


It is not consistent for me.
I also checked before all the community tips with no help, because the problem is technically not existing, only for me, there’s nothing wrong with the website to everyone else.

And yes I did get and automatic reply, here is the ticket [#1853919]

At the beginning when the problem happened few days ago I tried many things and it lasted for two days, then I just gave up and went to sleep, I woke up and somehow everything went to normal, but now it’s back and it’s not just one error.

I’m facing a 523 error but it basically doesn’t make sense.

I checked the community tips and it wasn’t helpful because everything seems correct…

The weirder part, the error is only showing to me, 3000 visitors were passing very normally and accessing all pages, it’s only my IP that’s getting affected for whatever reason that I don’t get.
Changing my IP through VPN solves the problem completely! What does this mean? Why only me who’s facing the error?

This is super frustrating…

I contacted Cloudflare and still waiting for a response…

This one is easy to replicate, and the same is happening in Buenos Aires as well.

Open a Support Ticket:
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

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Very interesting.

I already have an opened ticket about this topic [#1853919]

Tell me if I need to open a new one


Just add the new information to the existing ticket. They may be related.

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I did add the new information 11 hours ago.
I will make a new recap now.

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Just to notify you, I opened a new ticket #1858894 and still waiting for an answer…

I had the 522 error couple of days ago, it went off and then came back, now it’s 523.

It seems like a bigger issue.

I’ve been stuck with 523 error for two days now, absolutely doesn’t make sense, I don’t get why it’s happening.

Sorry for interfering, but I also have been contacting the support and didn’t get a response for almost 3 days. The problem is still ongoing and it’s very frustrating.

My new ticket #1858894 that I opened for the new error specifically 523.

Thank you very much.

@sandro dude are you serious?! I’m not allowed to comment on any post??! Why is it called a community then?!

Hi there!
Just a short note, that we’re always happy to help and provide guidance, but if you keep opening a new ticket, the wait time will be much longer. Please always keep your replies in the same ticket thread, so our team can help faster.
That being said, we have different SLAs per type of plans, which can be seen at:
We try to help free account owners as “best effort”, but we prioritize, of course, paid accounts.


Very much respected.
I only opened two tickets because the issue was different than the original one I pointed on the first ticket, so I opened a new one to avoid confusion.

Thank you.

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Sounds good. Our team will get back to you in the respective thread of each ticket.

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Great. Appreciate it.

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