errors 403 503

I have encountered a lot of 403 and 503 errors since yesterday… I have reloaded several backups of my site, but the 403 or 503 pages continue to appear… Can anyone help me?

Starting by the 403, if it does not have Cloudflare branding comes from origin, if it does if might come form the origin or from Cloudflare.

Check your WAF events, if it shows there, it’s from Cloudflare, but you’ll be able to see what firewall component is causing it.

As for the 503 it usually means you origin is unavailable, often due to excessive load, but it might be die to Cloudflare IP addresses being blocked.

Come to think of it, these 2 errors might be related if your origin is somehow rate limiting Cloudflare IPs.
Make sure you create allow rules at your orign to let these IPs trough: